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25 Feb 2014

Budget Night Cream from Tesco

Pro Formula Hydrating Night Cream by Tesco

Pro Formula Hydrating Night Cream
excuse my horrible nails!
Today I'm talking about the Pro Formula hydrating night cream from Tesco. I picked this cream up on a bit of a whim whilst I was doing some food shopping. Having been after a new night cream for a while when I saw this for £3 I had to give it a try. I haven't heard much about this range from Tesco so I wasn't sure what to expect but I am really impressed. I don't know loads about cosmetic ingredients but this doesn't contain mineral oil which I know can be something often found in cheaper skincare products and it contains Hylaronic Acid which is really good for dehydrated skin. This is a thick (almost balm like) cream that feels really hydrating on the skin but not greasy. Just as a disclaimer my skin type is dry/normal (more dry) so if you do have oily skin then this may not be right - they do, however, have a radiance and clear skin line within the Pro Formula range

For £3 I think this cream is fab and will definitely check out other items in this range next time I am in Tesco.

Have you tried this cream or anything else from the Pro Formula line? What did you think?

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1 comment :

  1. Ooh definitely going to have to check this out when I finish my current night cream, £3 is an amazing price! I love that GIF you did, I always end up with like 4836496 photos trying to showcase different aspects of a product haha! X