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21 Feb 2014

Alternative uses: Maybelline Colour Tattoo in Permanent Taupe

I.e the best contour/eyebrow product that isn't designed to be a contour/eye brow product (but that was a bit of a long title).Maybelline Colout Tattoo Cream Eyeshadow in Permanent Taupe

I love the Maybelline Colour Tattoo cream eyeshadows (on and on bronze has to be the favourite) but I've had the permanent taupe shade in my collection for a while and not used it an awful lot. I found the shade too cool to use on my eyes and it has mostly been sitting unloved in my makeup drawer, that is, until now. I found some alternative uses for it, and thought they may be useful for people like me that couldn't find a use for this shade!

  Wearing the permanent taupe colour tattoo as a contour and brow colour
Wearing it as a brow colour and as a contour on the ride hand side - can you tell the difference?

As a contour

After watching Kate (Ghostparties) video (I think it was drugstore favourites) I saw that a few people had written in the comments about using this as a contour product on fair skin and I was intrigued. I can't say I was entirely convinced at first, I thought it would be too pigmented and hard to blend or just the wrong colour altogether. After trying this myself, I am officially a convert! The way I use it is to get a very small amount on my finger and apply it lightly to the hollows of my face. This looks a little crazy however I blend, blend, blend, with my fingers and my real techniques expert face brush, and what results is a very natural looking contour. In the photo above I have just used it on the right hand side (of the photo) and I think you can see the difference. Now, it does have a very slight shimmer but I don't think this is noticeable once it is on the skin and blended into the foundation. Another way I think you could use this would be to apply it before foundation and then blend the base into it.

As an eyebrow colour

After the contour idea being so successful I wondered if this would work as an eyebrow colour - and guess what? It does! I have dark eyebrows and eyebrow colours can sometimes be a little too warm on my. Permanent taupe is perfect because it is a very grey-brown (almost entirely grey) colour so makes a very natural looking brow. Another bonus is that this lasts a seriously long time, I'm talking all day long! I apply this using a small angled brush just to fill them in very slightly and elongate them.

If you, like me, found this eyeshadow hard to use for its original purpose then why not give these ideas a go? You might find they work out well! It was great to find a use for this, and such unexpected ones! If you have any more suggestions please do share them in the comments!

I might make a few more blog posts along these lines - I love finding different ways to use makeup especially if they so work so well. 

frankie x
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