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1 Feb 2014

Reasons to be cheerful #2

reasons to be cheerful

1. Oli (the boyfriend) is visiting for the weekend. He lives in Leeds so we currently only see each other every other weekend. Exciting.
2. Had a productive week. Especially on Tuesday when I went to a jobs fair and met some really good people.
3. At that fair I won an iPad! Actually cannot believe it, I have never win anything like this! (as you can see from the 4th photo we have already played around with the photo booth app...)
4. Eating healthier this week.
5. Going for a day out in London on Sunday.
6. Having a nice pub lunch out today with family and Oli.
7. Last but not least, Tigger. As usual. He is always a reason to be cheerful.

What are you cheerful about/looking forward to?
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