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28 May 2013

My £3 Lip Favourite: MUA Power Pout

These new lip products for MUA have been really floating my boat recently. Called Power Pout -a lot of brands are bringing out a similar thing to this - the  "stick" lipstick with a twist up mechanism. I have tried the Revlon ones and really like them, I know that Clinique did the original Chubby Stick and No7 have recently brought out their version.

I had to try these ones by MUA, mainly because they were such a bargain! They do them in a range of colours but I picked out a nude peachy looking one (Rendezvous) and a pink (Broken Hearted). The formula is fairly glossy and really easy to apply. They are fairly sheer but it can be built up and I found that after the gloss had faded the colour lasted pretty well. Lipsticks don't tend to last very well on me anyway but the pink definitely left a stain!

If you are looking for an easy everyday lip colour then I don't think you could go far wrong with these. Super easy and moisturising (what I look for in a lipstick).

You can buy these from Superdrug and the online for a bargainous £3!
21 May 2013


Just some things I've been up to recently - including quite a few food items! Some of this is from a couple of weeks ago when we had a lovely patch of sunny weather. My boyfriend and I had a picnic in a park in town and then walked around the city walls. It was such a nice day and so warm! I've also been a bit naughty shopping wise recently...a few purchases may be making an appearance on the blog soon. 

What have you all been up to recently? I'm hoping that the weather gets a bit better this weekend for the bank holiday!
20 May 2013

Three Wishes: Skincare

3 wishes

3 wishes by frankiemay

These 3 skincare items have been on my wishlist for a while now. 
The Anitipodes Manuka Honey mask looks like it would be just the right balance of hydrating and cleansing and I have heard all good things about this natural skincare brand. The Clarins oil is a slightly more recent addition to the list - the blue orchid type sounds like the best for my skin - this isn't cheap but I do have some Boots points that I have been meaning to use for a long time. Finally, the Melvita Extraordinary water looks lovely - I know that Estée from Essiebutton rates this so it must be good! 

Have you tried any of these? What is on your skincare wishlist?
15 May 2013

Smashbox Limitless Cream Eyeshadow in Amethyst

Now firstly, I'll admit I didn't pay full price for this Smashbox Cream Eyeshadow in Amethyst  I got it at my local outlet store for around £10. I thought this colour was a bit different and not like anything else I had. It's a very unusual colour that I found really hard to pick up on camera! In some photos it looked quite brown and in some it looked bright purple! I think you can see in the swatch below the multi-tonal nature of this shadow and how it changes colour in the light. 

13 May 2013

No 7 Eye Contour Brush

My find of the week is this No 7 Eye Contour Brush. Ok, it's not really a find - it's widely available in boots. It is basically a fluffy brush for blending - it's really soft and I have heard it compared to the Mac 217 (which I don't actually own). The main thing however is that it is £7.25 and with a £3 No 7 voucher only £4.25 (which is what I paid for it). For that price I am tempted to go back and buy a couple more! I have used it a few times now and it works really well at blending and also at applying a wash of colour to the eyes.

I'm not sure how it will hold up in the long run and how much fall out there will be from the bristles, however for the price I don't think there can be many complaints.

Have you tried this great little brush? Did you like it as much as me?

You can buy this in Boots stores and online here.