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30 Mar 2014

Reasons to be cheerful #8

I collection of things that have been making me happy this week.

what frankie said: reasons to be cheerful

28 Mar 2014

Watching, Reading, Wearing #1

25 Mar 2014

Birthday and other updates

So life has got in the way of blogging lately, It was my birthday on the weekend and I've just been pretty busy generally.

I got a new camera for my birthday so wanted to share a few snaps I had taken with it already.

Birthday presents
Some birthday presents :) Notice a theme involving thing with cute animals on?
20 Mar 2014

Loving lately

18 Mar 2014

The best budget neutral eyeshadow palette?

Collection Work the Colour Nude Eyeshadow palette
16 Mar 2014

Reasons to be cheerful #8

Weekly happies.

Reasons to be cheerful - breakfast at Bills and sunshine
 1. Breakfast at Bill's. So good. // 2. SUN

14 Mar 2014


I don't think you can ever have too many sunglasses. Well, that is my excuse for my ever expanding collection.
sunglasses collection
My sunglasses in age order: Oldest at the bottom, newest at the top.

12 Mar 2014

Quick Fix: Apivita Express Beauty Face Masks

I discovered these face masks while browsing the beauty hall of Marks and Spencer - this was one of those big Marks and Spencer with lots of different beauty brands. I had heard of Apivita before but I had never tried anything from them. After some research I have discovered they are an Greek company specializing in natural and organic products with a holistic philosophy.

11 Mar 2014

Spring Picks: Jackets

Because I will never stop going on about spring...

spring jackets
It may be spring but in Britain that doesn't mean no rain, however I'm not sure I would mind so much if I was wearing this floral rain jacket from forever 21. I don't own a denim jacket but I am determined to get one this spring/summer, love this h&m one. Stripes are my current obsession and this monochrome stripe blazer is right up my street. A lightweight parka is a great option for a casual jacket when the weather gets a bit warmer but you still want to cover up and Leather jackets (or faux leather) are great all year round but I especially like the idea of a softer brown colour for spring.

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9 Mar 2014

Reasons to be cheerful #7

Just my usual weekly happy list.

1. Waffles last weekend
2. Trying out the Collection nude eyeshadow palette

3. Cuddles with Tigger
4. Beautiful flowers

5. New Revlon Matte balm
6. Sunset from the train

7/8. Day in leeds with the boy, this church looked really pretty in the light but it was hard to capture on my phone

It is 17degrees today! Will be going for a dog walk later to enjoy the sunshine.
Buying my favourite magazine, Oh Comely.

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6 Mar 2014

Hopes for March

If you follow my blog you may have noticed that I haven't done a weekly resolutions posts this week. I have been having doubts about these posts for a while, they felt a bit too forced, I liked the idea but keeping it up every week just seemed a bit too much. I wanted to keep the idea of having some aims and resolutions integrated into my blog but every week just wasn't working for me.

My new idea is a "hopes for..." series and I plan to do this every month. This gives me a little more flexibility of when to post and means I can be a little bit more in depth and thoughtful, if I want, or brief, if not. Don't want to put pressure on myself because then I wont enjoy doing them!

So, March. March could be a potentially big month for me. Not only do I turn 23 this month but there are a few other things on the horizon. 

My hopes are...

  • Changes. There could possibly be some big (good) changes this month and I would quite like them to come to fruition (please).
  • Feeling more spring like. Not only do I want for more spring weather, more spring clothes, more spring makeup, I would also like more spring feelings (how many times can I say the word spring in a sentence...). The weather may be out of my control but I would love to feel more "spring-like" in myself (if that makes any sense?).
  • Read more. I got to off to a good start with my reading goals this year but have let things slip a bit in February. I aim to get back on the reading wagon this month.
I think they are the main things I am looking forward to/aiming for in March but I would love to know yours! Share them in the comments if you would like.

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5 Mar 2014

Wishful thinking

Just a few things on my wishlist. It's my birthday soon so ya know (hint hint to anyone I know reading this...).

Can you tell I really want an amethyst necklace? This one my oh my clumsy heart is gorgeous. I've had my eye on the Clarins toner for a while and the Clinique primer is something else I really don't need... but do want. Maybe the sandals are wishful thinking at the moment but come spring I think they will be lovely. The mary lou-manizer is definitely a product inspired by essiebutton and I do love myself a shimmery highlighter. 

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4 Mar 2014

Bourjois 123 Perfect CC Cream

I am a big fan of the Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum foundation so when I saw that they had released a CC cream I had to try it out. I've not used a CC cream before, BB yes but CC, no (confusing eh?) so I wasn't really sure what to expect from this offering. The consistency is quite thick and creamy, offers good coverage (more than a BB cream I would say) but doesn't feel heavy on the skin. I'm not sure about colour correcting but it does a good job at hiding the redness on my face (from which I suffer a lot). I use the lightest colour and it is a really good match for my skin, as usual with most drugstore foundations if you are super pale or dark then you may struggle to find the right colour. I have tried applying this with my fingers and also with a brush (the real techniques expert face brush) and find they both work just as nicely.

With this line, they have also released a CC Eye Cream. This is a very similar consistency to the original CC cream but I offers a little more coverage. I like this as an under-eye concealer but it does have the tendency to crease a little so a setting powder is useful.

If you are in the market for a light/medium coverage base product then I definitely recommend this! I think it will be great come summer time as well when a lot of people want to wear lighter makeup.

Bourjois CC Cream £9.99, CC eye cream £7.99

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2 Mar 2014

Reasons to be cheerful #6

My weekly happy list

1. Going for a nice long walk on Saturday in a place I haven't been before. It was up high and there was amazing views.
2. Muji Log Fire candle
3. Cuddles with my little cousins.
4. Taking photos with my film camera.
5. Eating lots of vegetables.
6. Trying out new face masks - keep an eye on the blog for an upcoming post.
7. Wearing my hair natural and wavy (it desperately needs a cut though).
8. Home made peanut butter granola - using the recipe by a girl called jack.

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