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29 Jan 2014

Because Wednesdays are my least favourite day

the future is bright poster
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Can you have a least favourite day? I think Wednesday would be it. So, in order to overcome the mid-week blues I have put together some things that I am enjoying so far this week.
  1. I don't really listen to albums that much anymore, however there have been 2 recently that I have been liking a lot, and that is a big deal for me.
    • Chvrches - The Bones of What You Believe which you can listen to here .
    • Haim - Days are Gone (available here)
    Both quite chilled - nice. Give 'em a listen (if you like).

  2. Videos are a sure-fire way to add a bit of laughter to the day - and if any can put a smile on your face it is these:

    Who doesn't like kittens and babies? (well maybe some people but you are probably on the wrong blog...)

  3. Maybe I treated myself to two Illamasqua goodies. But they were on sale! I have high hope so may do a post about them :)
What are you enjoying so far this week?
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