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26 Jan 2014

Weekly Resolution #1

weekly resolution

I did try to think of a snappier title for this series but was left blank (if you have any ideas let me know!). In my 2014 resolutions post I talked about how I wanted to start doing posts on my specific aims/resolutions for that week. Today will see the start of the first one and we will see how it goes from here!

My resolution for this week is: 
Be dressed and ready to start the day by 9 every morning.

This feels like a bit of an easy one to get me started and I imagine to some people this might seem a bit ridiculous, but I will explain. I have recently come out of full-time work and am looking for a new permanent job, as my days are not as structured any more it is easy to fall out of a routine and end up staying in my pyjamas till 12 (or later...). Now I am not saying I have been super lazy but I think setting myself a specific target to be dressed and ready to get started every day as if I was starting work will mean I feel more ready to get applications written (I work better in the mornings anyway) and generally be more productive. It has more to do with the getting dressed part than anything else - I convince myself I can work in my pyjamas but it is never the same! I have been quite easy on myself for the first week but it is something I hope to continue.

Do you have anything in particular you would like to achieve for this week?

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