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27 Dec 2013

Christmas Wishes

I hope that everyone had a lovely holiday period. We were without power for the whole of Christmas eve but luckily it came back on in the early hours of Christmas day. My thoughts go out to all those who are still without power or affected by the floods in the UK.

I will back into blogging more regularly soon but due to the festive period I have been pretty busy visiting family etc - real life takes priority at the moment.

Thank you to anyone that is reading this or who has been a reader of my blog in the past year. I haven't been the most consistent but really appreciate anyone who takes the time to read my rambles and post comments. Thank you!

13 Dec 2013

Festive Finds #3: Christmas Party Dresses (Under £35!)

I might be a bit late on the band wagon here but its that time of year, and if you haven't had one already then you may have a Christmas party coming up. I know how hard it can be to find the right dress for that occasion so to help out a little I have found 8 dresses all under £35 - hopefully it helps!

Christmas Party Dresses

Christmas Party Dresses by frankiemay featuring a lace cocktail dress

1. Mela Gold Lace Scoop Back Dress - £26 - New Look  // 2. Black Draped Dress - £12.99 - H&M // 3. Blue Velvet Skater Dress - £32 - Miss Selfridge // 4. Wrap Skirt Dress - £32 - Wall G at Topshop // 5. Floral Sleeves Bodycon Dress - £32 - Annie Greenabelle at Topshop // 6. Dark Red Cap Sleeve Waffle Tunic Dress - £19.99 - New Look // 7. Draped Print Top Dress - £19.99 - H&M // 8. Gold Sequin Sleeveless Bodycon Dress - £24.99 - New Look

I don't have a party to go to this year but I may just treat myself to a nice dress anyway...
9 Dec 2013

Deal of the day

Jasmine and White Frangipani candle £5 with code // Vitamin E Body Butter £7.50 with code // Camomile Cleansing Oil £5 with code

50% of everything at The Body Shop!

I had to share this deal with you as its so good!
The Body Shop always have a lot of great discount events but I think this is one of the best I have seen.
To get 50% of everything and free delivery over £5 use code 19809
What a great time to pick up a Christmas gift or just to treat yourself…
It ends  tonight (9/12) at midnight.
8 Dec 2013

This week

Hope everyone's had a good week.

It has been a bit of a strange one for me. Lots happening personally which has meant I have actually had more time for blogging, however lots of things to get my head around so I haven’t always felt like it.

Anyway, I thought I would share some things from around the internet that I have been liking this week.

Sadly, Nelson Mandela passed away at the age of 95. This article shares some of his best quotes. Such an inspirational man.

I may have just bought some new boots but I love these ones from Forever 21.

These piglets

Maybe you will be trying out one of these weird beauty treatements?

This necklace is very simple but interesting, I like.

Potato print penguin Christmas cards?! Sounds like something I'm going to have to try,

And finally....

via Tania Joy on Flickr
7 Dec 2013

Festive finds #2: Christmas Candles

Christmas Candles

Sorry for the overload of Christmas related posts recently but I reckon, even if you aren't in the Christmas spirit, a scented candle always goes down well. I'm not into overly sweet Christmas scents, I prefer the more spicy/woody ones. The green Muji candle aboves smells of a log fire and is absolutely amazing - basically a cheaper version of the Feu de Bois Candle by Diptique - the Muji version is only £3.50!

What are your favourite candles for this time of year? I'm always after some recommendations.

6 Dec 2013

Friday favourites: Winter lipsticks

Now, I'm of the opinion that you can wear whatever shade of lipstick you want at whatever time of year. I do, however, still have some lip products that I just love to wear over the wintertime. You may notice that they are all predictably red and berry shades, these colours just mean winter and Christmas to me (and to a lot of other people I imagine...). No major shocks just a few lip related items I think are fab.

5 Dec 2013

Black and Gold: Barry M Gold Mine

I had to share this nail polish with you as it's so different from any other polish I've got (or seen available).
It's a sheer black nail polish base filled with gold glitter. It doesn't look much in the bottle but after applying two coats to the nails it takes on a sort of 3D effect. The gold glitter in the first layer gets muted by the black polish so there becomes two different shades of gold glitter - it's hard to explain (and photograph!) but hopefully you get the idea. For £2.99 I think it's a complete bargain and a perfect polish for the festive season. 

4 Dec 2013

Budget Gifts for Christmas: £5 or less!

I wanted to put together some gift ideas for people who may be on a tight budget for whatever reason. I think I managed to find some really great things, if I do say so myself, that are all £5 or under.
Clockwise from top-left: Vintage Ivy Design Mug, Dove Gift Set, Anatomicals face mask set, Happy 
Jackson bag, Home sweet home sign, Alphabet soy candle.

Clockwise from top-left: Nivea Men minis, Vintage playing cards in tin, Gentlemans Spectacles Case, ASOS cardholderGrey Socks with stripe, Moustache bottle opener key ring

Hope these gave you some ideas - it's amazing what bargains you can find when you look! There will definitely be some more gift guides making their way onto this blog so keep an eye out for those. I'm also trying to be a bit more crafty this year and make my own gifts - will report back on how that goes!