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20 Feb 2013

Transition to Spring

Okay, so maybe I'm being hopeful but it's the time of year when soon the weather should be turning warmer. I've picked out some items I think will be great for that transition period of slightly (I'm not going too crazy - we are in England after all) warmer days and cooler nights.

Transition to Spring

Transition to Spring by frankiemay featuring forever 21

Basically a lot of light sweaters, long skirts and lighterbrighter colours. Note the sunglasses and the umbrella - you never know what the weather's going to do!

I'm looking forward to spring a lot. I'm a bit fed up with the grey and cold at the moment - need some sunshine in my life!

What are you looking forward to about spring? (or autumn if you're in the opposite hemisphere)

18 Feb 2013

Wish: Above Knuckle Rings

 2 Delicate Wire Wrapped Rings by Marci Elizabeth at Etsy
Gold Chevron Knuckle Rings by FunnyPeopleCo at Etsy
Gold Spiral Knuckle Ring by MoonliDesigns at Etsy

Now, I know I'm a bit behind on this "trend" but seeing this photos on ebay made me really lust over those above knuckle type rings. Maybe it's just because I wish I had hands and nails like that? Either way, they look so dainty and pretty and would go with a lot of outfits - dressy or casual. They have definitely been firmly added to my wishlist (which is growing by the day...).

12 Feb 2013

Revlon Super Lustrous Matte Lipstick in Mauve it Over

I'm not normally a nude lipstick kind of girl but when these Revlon Lipsticks were on offer for £5 I chose this colour to try (I'm a sucker for an offer!). Mauve it over is a nude browny-pink and, as I was going to discover, very very close to my natural lip colour.
9 Feb 2013

Wish List: Jewellery


Can you tell I'm loving gold jewellery at the moment?

Love this simple gold necklace from Forever21 and it's only £3.90! This heart chain thumb ring from River Island is perfect for valentine's day and another bargain! Warehouse have some lovely jewellery and this gold leaf necklace is really elegant and pretty :)

Think I will treat myself to some new jewellery soon

Any jewellery you have been lusting after recently?
3 Feb 2013

Wish: Urban Outfitters Curio Shelf

Loving this cute shelf from Urban Outfitters! Just hangs by one hook so easy to put up in our rented flat. 

Fits in nicely with valentine's day coming up so may have to treat myself...