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12 Feb 2013

Revlon Super Lustrous Matte Lipstick in Mauve it Over

I'm not normally a nude lipstick kind of girl but when these Revlon Lipsticks were on offer for £5 I chose this colour to try (I'm a sucker for an offer!). Mauve it over is a nude browny-pink and, as I was going to discover, very very close to my natural lip colour.

It's very creamy on application but like most matte lipsticks I've tried can be a bit drying after a while (although a lot less than some others I've tried!). I think the colour would be more noticeable on other people but it just happens to be fairly similar to my own lips. I do like it as a lipstick and would be keen to try it out in different colours to see what the formulation is like for those. I think I may have preferred this colour if it wasn't a matte lipstick as it would be a nice everyday colour, but this formula is a bit harder to work with and requires a bit more effort to get right.

If you are into your nude-matte lips then definitely check this out, otherwise it might not be for you.
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