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20 May 2012

Weekend Wishlist

I decided to do a beauty-based wishlist as the last one I did was mostly fashion.
Been wishing for quite few things recently! Mainly makeup based and a few skincare.

1. This one's a bit of a cheat because I have just recently purchased this palette (along with a few other things) online, just waiting for it to arrive. I love sleek makeup, I think it's really affordable and great quality :)

2. I spotted this Weleda Skin Food in a magazine a while back and when I researched further it seemed right up my street! It is described as a "deep-penetrating replenishing skin repair cream for dry patches of skin and for added winter protection"...ok it's not winter but I do suffer from dry patches sometimes so I fancy giving this a try.

3. This skin illuminator by Stila looks amazing - I especially like the gold coloured one called "kitten". The only problem is the price - £16 seems a bit steep! If only I had a birthday coming up!

4. I haven't actually tried any makeup from topshop (shock horror!) but this lip stick seems fab.

5. I am loving the idea of body oils recently as my skin has been a bit dry. This one from balm balm seems like an affordable choice and it's 100% natural so I know it would be doing my skin good :)

6. I know everyone is probably sick to death of hearing about these! I actually have 2 colours already but I'm after the taupe colour as well.

7. This new fine liner brush by real techniques looks great. I have a few other brushes by them and absoloutely love them! I'm after a new brow brush as well and this one by bdellium tools is cruelty free and a pretty good price!

8. Ok I admit I am a bit obsessed with eyeshadow palettes at the moment, when I first saw this I wasn't so keen but now I feel like it would be perfect for summer - and it's only £4!
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1 comment :

  1. I really like Topshop make up, their lip products and blushes are so good! You should definitely get it ;) x