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5 May 2012

Weekend wishlist

Ok, I may have stolen  borrowed this blog title from other bloggers out there but I was limited in what I could call it!
A quick one today cos I had to go to town this morning and really need to do some uni work this afternoon! Just thought I would share some things I've got my eyes on at the moment.

1. Love this scallop vest from missguided, seems like a much cheaper version to the topshop ones.
2. The coolest laptop bag ever? Plus it's a bargain and comes in so many different colours! My laptop is currently in the claws of the PCworld repair service but when I get it back I might treat myself to this.
3 & 4. Getting back into jewelry recently and this necklace and ring from bershka are right up my street and pretty reasonably priced.
5. Caudalie has been talked about a lot in the blogging sphere, especially their beauty elixir, however this cleansing water seems like something that might be more useful for me, just not sure it's worth the money...
6. I'm too minds about these shoes, one side of me knows I would probably never wear them, however the colour and the fact they would give me that bit of extra height (always a bonus) makes me love them!
7. I've been on the look at for a sweater for ages and this one from monki is fab! The combination of animals and big comfy clothing will always win me over!

I definitely don't have the budget to buy a lot of these things right now, but it's nice to dream ey?

What have you been wishing for lately?

Frankie xo
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