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4 May 2012

My nail secret

I've got a bit of a secret to share today guys, well it's not a secret at all if you know me....I bite my nails :(
I have done for as long as I can remember and I'm not proud of it! I have very small, weak nails so I always felt like there was no point in growing them anyway because whenever I tried they always seemed to break (much to my frustration). But after 21 years on this planet I've decided that this horrible habit needs to stop! So I went into boots today and I made a few nail-related purchases (as well as some other unrelated things I might blog about soon).

Stop'n Grow - £4.50 - Boots
I've never had the motivation before to try something like this but  I'm finally delving into the works of anti biting treatments! I'm a bit nervous of using this stuff because I know I will bite my nails without realising and I have read it tastes disgusting! Which is obviously the whole point! I'm hoping it can help break the habit though.
Nu-Nale Strengthening Cream - £3.60 - Boots

I got this strengthening cream as well because it was pretty reasonably priced and I haven't had much luck with the nail varnish type strengtheners in the past so wanted to try something a bit different.
I hoping that the combination of these things will finally help improve the state of my nails and as neither of them were too expensive I'm not losing loads of money if they don't. I will keep you updated with how this goes and might even post some before and after photos depending on how successful I am.

Does anyone else have the same problem? Anyone tried the stop and grow or strengthening cream?

Frankie xo

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