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7 May 2012

Review: MUA professional extreme curl mascara

If you are from the UK I'm sure you are aware of the makeup brand MUA - they are stocked in superdrug and everything from their standard line is a £1! They also have a very slightly more expensive line called MUA professional and things in this line are around the £2 - £4 mark. I've tried some eyeshadows and eyeshadow palettes from them and have been really impressed so decided to pick up this mascara when I was in superdrug recently! Now I love mascara, it's one of the products I really feel "naked" without. My current favourite is the loreal telscopic, however that retails at around the £10-11 pound mark so, for me, that's a little on the expensive side for a drugstore mascara. I spotted this one for £2 and thought it was worth trying out as I've only got £2 to lose! Anyway enough of all the ramblings, here are some pics! (I did take some before pictures but none of them turned out very well sorry! Hopefully you can get an idea of the effect anyway)

As you can see it definitely has lengthened and defined my lashes. It's not clumpy and the formulation is nice and easy to work with. I do like a really lengthening mascara so for me its not quite dramatic enough but for a day to day more natural looks it's great! On the downside I find the application a bit tricky as the brush is curved and also quite large so its a bit fiddly but I'm sure it would get easier with practise. I also find that you get quite a lot of product on the end of the brush when you first take it out so need to wipe of the excess before applying. When it comes to curling power I'm not sure I noticed any dramatic "curliness" to my lashes (I didn't curl my lashes before applying) maybe there was slightly but I couldn't tell! Another thing to note is the smell - to be honest it's pretty nasty. Luckily it's not really a big issue when it comes to mascara as you aren't gonna be smelling your eyes but its just something to bare in mind. Overall I really like this mascara - it gives definition and length mainly so if you are after something really volumizing then this might not be for you however for £2 I really don't think you can go wrong with giving this!

You can purchase this in superdrug in store or here online

Next on my list to try from MUA is their eye primer and maybe another eyeshadow palette...

Have you tried this mascara? What were your thoughts on it? Have you liked other products by this company or not?

Frankie xo

NB: After submitting this I just went on the MUA website and found out they have an offer on for the bank holiday where you get 3 free products when you spend over £8! It ends tomorrow so go check it out! http://www.muastore.co.uk/store
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  1. i havent tried this but it looks great, will be checking it out xx

    1. thanks, yeah you definitely should :) x

  2. It looks great on your lashes. I need to try it.