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14 May 2012

Review: MUA lipsticks

  (MUA lipsticks shade 11(left) and shade 13 (right))

I know I have talked about a mascara by MUA in a post recently but I've been really impressed with their lipsticks so I wanted to write about them as well! I've tried shade 11 a pinky-brown shade and shade 13 - a bright red. What surprised me was how nice the formulation is, it's really creamy and easy to apply - which, to be honest, I wasn't expecting for the price point (£1!). I first heard about the red shade through Sprinkle of Glitter's blog when she mentioned it as one of her favourite red lipsticks. The shade range is really good, I thought the browny shade looked a bit dark in the tube but it is actually really wearable and natural looking on. The lasting power isn't amazing but I don't mind reapplying occasionally when I've only paid £1. I found that to make the red shade a bit more suitable for daytime I can buff it into the lip and create a nice red tint which is much more long wearing. Overall I don't really have much negative to say about these lipsticks and I'm excited to try other colours in the range, as well as the new "lip booms" I have seen other bloggers talk about.

You can pick them up from superdrug or online at muastore.co.uk 

Have you tried any of these lipsticks? What are your favourite drugstore lipsticks?

My boyfriend finished his last ever exam for uni today so we are out for a meal tonight to celebrate :) I'm giving in a draft for my final piece of work this week so might not be blogging so much but will try my best.
Hope you all have a nice week!

Frankie x

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