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20 May 2013

Three Wishes: Skincare

3 wishes

3 wishes by frankiemay

These 3 skincare items have been on my wishlist for a while now. 
The Anitipodes Manuka Honey mask looks like it would be just the right balance of hydrating and cleansing and I have heard all good things about this natural skincare brand. The Clarins oil is a slightly more recent addition to the list - the blue orchid type sounds like the best for my skin - this isn't cheap but I do have some Boots points that I have been meaning to use for a long time. Finally, the Melvita Extraordinary water looks lovely - I know that Estée from Essiebutton rates this so it must be good! 

Have you tried any of these? What is on your skincare wishlist?
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  1. ahhh I've been putting pounds away for that Clarins lotus oil! hopefully at the end of the month it shall be mine. I hate shelling out so much money on one thing at a time! haha

    1. Me neither but it does look lovely! Maybe I should take the plunge...