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21 Jan 2014

Resolutions. 2014

Resolutions for 2014

I will own up now, this post has been sitting unfinished in my drafts for a while. I wanted these to be really meaningful resolutions and I am feeling indecisive recently (stroke always). I also have a new idea for a weekly post that I will explain at the end.

I did a similar post last year and, although I can't say they were all particularly successful, I liked doing it and it feels good to set some targets for the year ahead. This year I am trying to make them more specific. Of course, new years is not the only time to make resolutions so I will most likely think of more as the year progresses.

  1. Read 30 books.

  2. Ok so this is more of an target than a resolution but I've decided to do the goodreads reading challenge for 2014. I set a target of 30 books. It might sound a lot to some or hardly any to others but I think it is a pretty good number for me. I don't think I read nearly that many last year so it's something to spur me on in 2014. I love reading so it shouldn't be hard really. You can keep up with how I am doing on my goodreads page.

  3. Keep in touch.

  4. A lot of my my friends are living in different areas so its really important to keep in touch and I could definitely put more effort into this area. Its easy to forget when things get busy and you've got other things on your mind but my friends are super important to me so it would be dreadful to lose touch. Simple things like texting more, sending birthday cards, visiting when I can, all make a difference.

  5. Take at least one photo everyday.

  6. Taking more photos is always cropping up on my resolutions but I thought this was the year to make it more specific. Although I have an excessive amounts of photos on my phone gallery, I realized that sometimes I would go days without taking one. I am hoping this resolution will help me to become more aware of the surroundings and on the look out for good things to photograph. Linked to this I have also recently discovered my parents old film slr camera which my mum has told me I can have. I have bought two rolls of film and am looking forward to working out how to use it!

I think I will keep it to three for 2014 and see how I get on. I feel like this will be a year with a lot of changes as it is so I don't want to put too much pressure on myself!

As well as this, inspired by The Happiness Project (see this website and book for more info), I have decided to try out some weekly resolutions. Basically, every Sunday I will (aim to) write a post about my resolution for that week. This could range from something very specific I hope to achieve or a more general behaviour that I want to adopt for the week itself. I hope this way I can stay focussed on the things I really want to achieve and on my wider resolutions for the year. I also would like to reflect weekly on the past weeks resolution and see how I have got on.

It all sounds very serious and complicated but I hope to make it fun as well!

This has been a long post so that's all for now.

Please share your resolutions for the year in the comments (if you have made them) - I'm always really interested to hear what others are aiming for.

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