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24 Feb 2014

Weekly Resoltion #5

The past week has not been too exciting. My mum has been off work so I have fell out of routine a little but back to normal now. Mostly enjoying there being a little more sunshine around to be honest. This next week (and onwards) I am definitely going on a bit of a health kick. The last few days have not been great food wise (pizza, nachos, cheese...) and I aim to eat a lot more fresh veg and salads in the upcoming weeks. 

My resolution for last week was to finish reading two books. I thought this would be relatively easy but it turns out it wasn't! I did finish reading The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy and I have nearly finished the No1 Ladies' Detective Agency so not a complete fail but I do feel I should have done better..

My resolution for the upcoming week is related to my healthy eating plan but not actually to do with eating. 

Practice Yoga every day.

Now, I have tried doing this before but never managed to keep it up, even for one week. I plan to use the YouTube videos by Tara Stiles. They are a really great free resource if you can't get/afford to go to a class. She is fully trained, explains everything really well and there is a great mix of videos available (some of which are only five minutes). I always feel really good after doing one of her videos and I am the least flexible person in the world! Hopefully by the end of the week I feel healthier and have formed some habits I want to keep up for longer!

frankie x
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