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15 Feb 2014

Reasons to be cheerful #4

My weekly happy list (plus a few favourites)

Reasons to be cheerful

1. Visiting Oli for the valentines weekend. Ok, it doesn't make it more important that it's valentines but it leads me on to number two...
2. Going to the theatre for a "valentines day" themed show. Now, Oli and I have never normally do anything for valentines day itself but I saw that there was a performance on in Leeds and we both agreed it might be fun! It's called From Paris with Love and I'm excited.
3. Feeling positive this week.
4. Appreciating the local countryside a bit more.
5. Not being flooded like some of the poor people nearby. Crazy weather at the moment.
6. Teddy. My boyfriend's dog. A super cute westie.

Favourites of the week

Blog post: Kate's post on using social media to promote your blog. Really useful and well written.
Song: The Wire - Haim
Video: This super cute home video posted by Hey Natalie Jean. Squeeee
Beauty Product: Re-discovering the Rimmel Scandaleyes Shadow Paints.

frankie x

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