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8 Feb 2014

Reasons to be cheerful #3

Reasons to be Cheerful
Excuse the multiple pictures of my cat (I can't resist)

1. Having a fun weekend in London and seeing 3 of my friends - yay!
2. Blogging every day this past week, didn't think I could ever do that.
3. The sun finally coming out for a bit! Ok, it's not warm yet, but it had been dark and grey for so long.
4. Eating avocado - yum.
5. Catching up with the Gilmore Girls - I love this show and have many episodes that I have recorded on the TV.
6. Receiving the two pigments I ordered from the Illamasqua sale (such a bargain). Haven't had a chance to properly try them yet but I have heard great things.

What has made you cheerful recently?

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