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3 Feb 2014

Weekly Resolution #2

Weekly Resolution

**Recap: If you haven't read my blog before I am trying to keep different resolutions for every week in 2014. See previous post here.**

Last week I said I would get up and be dressed for the day by 9am every morning and I am pleased to report that I managed it. I ended up having a productive week so it must be working. My new resolution comes a little late this week, I meant to write this yesterday but my boyfriend was visiting and we spent the whole day in London (I would say that is a good enough excuse). I also have taken a bit longer to figure out what my resolution will be for this week (I want them to be meaningful and useful).

Send at least one message to a friend every day.
(This could be texts, facebook messages, whatsapp...anything really!)

Once again I can hear people saying "You don't already do this??". The fact is, sometimes I do, sometimes I don't. My friends and I have never been particularly good at keeping in touch day-to-day. We always meet up when we can and it's like we have never been apart but in-between times we can be a bit rubbish (especially me). My friends are all doing different things in different places so it can be difficult, however I want to take steps this year to rectify that (see my 2014 resolutions post) and I think this would be a good place to start. I don't want it to be something that is forced and false but I hope to simply encourage myself to make more of an effort when it comes to my friends.

Do you have something you are hoping to achieve or aim towards this week?

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