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28 Feb 2014

Favourites on a Friday

I haven't done one of these posts for a while but I really like doing them. Just sharing some recent favourite things! I also have a bit of an update at the end as well :)

Love this video by Gillian (elevatormusik) on old makeup! Sounds like a weird topic but bought back so many memories of horrible makeup I used to buy/wear. Very funny

I am after a natural gemstone necklace and this amethyst one on etsy is gorgeous.

This floral milk bath by Fig + Yarrow sounds like it would be lovely and relaxing!

This article on xoVain about the sampling service on BeingContent has got me very interested, will definitely be taking a look. 4 samples for £3 and free deliver, count me in!

One of my favourite TV shows is Gilmore Girls (I definitely want to be Rory) and this reading challenge based on the show is right up my street.

If the tube map told the truth - made me laugh out loud.

Hope you enjoyed my friday favourites and just to let you know I now have a Facebook page! Yay! You can "like" my page if you wish, I will be updating it with new blog posts, photos and other goings on.

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