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16 Feb 2014

Weekly resolution #4

This week has been spent mostly been spent at home doing job applications and blog posts (as per). On Friday I travelled to my boyfriends and yesterday we went out to the theatre for our valentines celebration. We're so sophisticated...

Number of steps taken daily with Noom Walk
my daily step count - measured by the Noom Walk app.
Last week's resolution was to go for a walk everyday. Now (as you can see from above) I can't say this has been the most successful resolution I've made. I managed to go for a walk on Monday and Tuesday and as I write this I am about to go on a walk with my boyfriends dog. On the other days, although I didn't go for a specific walk, I did do some walking. Either because I was running errands or just generally out in town for some reason. Sometimes I find I do the most steps when I least realize it. I'm going to try and keep this resolution up (as I am with most of them) and fit daily walks in when I can.

On to next week then. One thing I have noticed fall by the way side is the amount of reading I am doing. I started off the year well and read 4 books within pretty quick succession but since then I have fell behind a bit, tending to stay up late on my laptop (normally fiddling with my blog) instead of picking up a book. So, this week my resolution is:

Finish reading two books

I've got two that I've started so should be fairly easy to finish them by the end of the week (I say this now....). My aim for 2014 is to read 30 books and if your interested you can see how well I am doing on goodreads.

frankie x

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