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22 Feb 2014

Reasons to be cheerful #5

Another week, another list of happies. I can't believe I am on number 5 already!

1. Making some sneaky new skincare/makeup purchases including some Clarins products. I am sure that some will be featured soon on this blog so keep your eyes peeled.
2. My mum was off work this week and doing more of the cooking, she's a fab cook so I'm very lucky.
3. The sunshine! It's come out a bit more in the last few days and I like it a lot. Spring is getter closer (and my birthday).
4. Fizzy red wine. Nice.
5. Finally started reading The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency.
6. Putting the film in my parents old SLR camera and started taking a few photos. 
7. Tidying mybedroom - it needed it.
8. Divine 70% dark chocolate with ginger and orange - the nicest chocolate ever?

I'm currently trying to fight of the first signs of a cold so making this list has cheered me up a lot. 

Share your reasons to be cheerful in the comments!

frankie x
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