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6 Mar 2014

Hopes for March

If you follow my blog you may have noticed that I haven't done a weekly resolutions posts this week. I have been having doubts about these posts for a while, they felt a bit too forced, I liked the idea but keeping it up every week just seemed a bit too much. I wanted to keep the idea of having some aims and resolutions integrated into my blog but every week just wasn't working for me.

My new idea is a "hopes for..." series and I plan to do this every month. This gives me a little more flexibility of when to post and means I can be a little bit more in depth and thoughtful, if I want, or brief, if not. Don't want to put pressure on myself because then I wont enjoy doing them!

So, March. March could be a potentially big month for me. Not only do I turn 23 this month but there are a few other things on the horizon. 

My hopes are...

  • Changes. There could possibly be some big (good) changes this month and I would quite like them to come to fruition (please).
  • Feeling more spring like. Not only do I want for more spring weather, more spring clothes, more spring makeup, I would also like more spring feelings (how many times can I say the word spring in a sentence...). The weather may be out of my control but I would love to feel more "spring-like" in myself (if that makes any sense?).
  • Read more. I got to off to a good start with my reading goals this year but have let things slip a bit in February. I aim to get back on the reading wagon this month.
I think they are the main things I am looking forward to/aiming for in March but I would love to know yours! Share them in the comments if you would like.

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