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16 Jul 2012


Hi Guys,

I've been really bad on the blogging front recently and just wanted to do a little post to explain why and just give a little update about me (if you care! haha). Basically, I finished Uni about a month ago now and I had my graduation on Friday :) So I've been quite busy doing things with my parents and stuff like that. Also I'm currently looking for jobs because my boyfriend and I are moving into our first house (well, a flat) together at the end of August so I need some monies! These things combined have put blogging on hold a bit. I've also been feeling a bit unsure about what to write about and I didn't just want to write about things that aren't particularly important to me or that I don't enjoy writing, I've had a bit of a creative block!

Anyway if you have read this then thank you, and hopefully I will be back on track soon with some new things to talk about and be feeling a bit more inspired.

Frankie x
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