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15 Aug 2012

Autumn Fashion Wishlist

Okay, so I know it's still summer and no one wants to think about it getting colder yet, but I personally find it easier to pick out clothes I like in autumn/winter than I do in summer. I think I prefer the colours and that the clothes generally suit me better - maybe I just like a big baggy jumper? Anyway, whatever the reasons may be, I thought I would pick out a few things that I will be wishing for come the cooler weather.

1.Sneakers - £14.99 - H&M// 2. Cicilia Knit - 20euros - Monki//3. Lace Back Dress - £29 - Topshop//4. Green Cotton Parka - £69.99 - Pull&Bear// 5. Lace Sleeve Jumper - £29.99 - Zara

I really don't need another coat but this parka looks so cosy! Also loving the trainers from H&M they look really comfy and really reasonably priced.

What's on your Autumn wishlist? I will probably do a beauty version of this so stay posted!

Frankie xo

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