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8 Oct 2013

Revlon Kiss Me Coral

Now, some may argue that coral is not a very autumnal lipstick shade, but I'm not sure who makes those rules anyway and I say wear whatever colour lipstick you fancy! Revlon Kiss me Coral is a lot more on the orange side of coral than the pink. It's a cream formulation so highly pigmented and slightly glossy. I love it! I like to wear this lipstick either with an orange toned blush or just a bit of bronzer. Personally, I think these colours of lipstick suit my skin tone quite well but would look great on someone a bit more tanned than me as well.

Revlon Kiss Me Coral normally retails at £7.99 but I got mine reduced to £5.99!

I'm keen to try a few more Revlon lipsticks - any recommendations?

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