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10 Jun 2012

Accessorize "Lovely Day" Eyeshadow Palette

I first saw this eyeshadow palette mentioned on Lily's blog and thought "ooh that looks nice" only to subsequently forgot about it. It wasn't till I happened to be browsing the Accessorize makeup stand in superdrug in Brighton that it caught my eye. I was already slightly overexcited as my local superdrug doesn't stock the line and everything was discounted! When I spotted this I knew I had to buy it, originally priced at £8.95 which is already a bargain, it was £3 off so I ended up paying £5.95 (!! :O) And it contains 32 eyeshadows! It's labelled as a neutral palette but does also contain some brighter colours which I like.

First off, I love the packaging. It has a really cute design on the outside and a mirror on the inside which is useful :) Even though it doesn't seem it, it actually feels quite secure when it's closed, so it's not going to pop open if you're travelling. The colour selection is amazing, there are some quite warm toned browns and greens, as well as cool toned greys blues and purples.
My swatching skills aren't the best but I wanted to show how all the colours come out on the skin - it took a while to do them all so hopefully it's worth it!

 (first 3 columns on left)

 (middle three columns)

(final 2 columns on right)

Although there is some variability in the quality of the eyeshadows, most of them are really pigmented and creamy, some of the matte and paler colours didn't transpire as well onto the skin but I can live with that when I only paid £6! Overall I'm really impressed with the quality and colour range and will definitely get a lot of use out of this!

I'm building up a bit of a collection of eyeshadow palettes now! Think I need to ban myself from buying any more for a while (although I do have my eye on the new MUA undressed palette...).

What do you think of this palette? Any others you would recommend?

Frankie x
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