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14 Jun 2014

Alternative Father's Day ideas (that don't cost the earth...)

Father's day ideas

If you are fed up with all the stereotypical Father's Day gifts...
  1. Cook him a nice meal and eat together (maybe World Cup themed if he likes football)
  2. Buy him a selection of second hand books - one that he knows and loves and a choice of your own (write nice messages inside the cover)
  3. Make him a playlist, or an old school mixtape/cd.
  4. Watch his favourite film together and make some yummy snacks
  5. Frame your favourite photo of you together/with family or make a calendar/photo book.
  6. If he is an outdoorsy type - go for a walk together and collect things from your adventure as reminders
  7. Go on a mini road trip together and take a picnic
Just spend some quality time together.

What are your plans?

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